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Background Investigations

A Background Investigation can be conducted post employment. You must have a permissible purpose. Permissible purposes include; salary review, promotion, internal audit, investigation or response to a customer/employee complaint. A background investigation on an existing employee does not require a new release. Credit reports cannot be obtained for the purposes of background investigations without a signed release.

Executive Level Background Investigations

We also provide Executive Level Background Investigations. Just as potential executives require special treatment when it comes to compensation, they require special attention when it comes to screening. Therefore, we have specialized levels tailored especially for executives and other candidates slated for high-risk and high-profile positions. These positions include board members, corporate executives and all positions to include CFO, CEO, COO and CIO.

Each report is managed from start to finish by an experienced analyst. The analyst utilizes a variety of trusted sources to locate information that may potentially affect recommendations, placement or hiring decisions. Thorough public record searches, open source intelligence information, credential and professional certification verifications provide a comprehensive analysis of a candidate’s background.